For over 30 years, Claudia has been assisting clients in all areas of their life. Using her God-given gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and mediumship it has been her great joy to utilize these abilities to assist others. Another way to understand what Claudia does is that she is very intuitive and empathetic.

Claudia's purpose as a professional psychic intuitive empath and channel is to manifest clear and highly useful information to assist you in providing answers to that which is concerning you and to help you see the ways in which you can work to improve your life’s situation. Valuable information coming through from her guides and your guides will offer you a clearer understanding of the positive paths you should investigate in order to effect the changes you desire in your life.

Psychic Consultations

Receive unique and personalized attention. Claudia and her spirit guides will be working together to provide you with great insight and clarity pertaining to the situation(s) that are concerning you. Claudia strives to provide each client with high-integrity, high-quality and heart-felt service before and during their psychic consultation.

Psychic Consultations

Tough decisions can come along at any time for those in the business world. Indecision on what to do or how to proceed can cause a halt or stagnation in one’s business situation. Claudia specializes in working with owners and management personnel wanting her keen insight and answers regarding all areas of financial and executive leadership decisions.

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