Hello and thank you for your interest.

It is my great pleasure to utilize my psychic gifts and talents to assist clients in whatever area of their life is troubling them or posing a challenge to their happiness and well-being.

Perhaps you:

  • Desire more prosperity, better health, more love, or spiritual growth in your life.
  • Need insight in the area of  love and romance.
  • Want to gain a clearer understanding of issues that are troubling you.
  • Need insight on a career move.
  • Need insight on how to enhance healing in your body.
  • Or…you are experiencing confusion, doubt or road-blocks in making other life-changing decisions.

I am here to use my psychic gifts to assist you!

For over 30 years, I have been assisting clients in all areas of their life. Using my God-given gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and mediumship it has been a great joy to utilize these abilities to assist others. Another way to understand what I do is that I am very intuitive and empathetic.

There is no predetermined way in which I will receive information for a client. Each psychic reading and consultation is quite different from the next, just as each person and the issues they put before me are quite different from what another person might be facing or dealing with.

I have no preconceived notions about a client, nor about how the reading will transpire. I do surround myself with protective, positive light and energy before and during all psychic consultations. I always ask my spirit guides for the very best, highest, and most helpful and positive information to come through.

My purpose as a divinely guided psychic empath and channel is to manifest clear and highly useful information to assist you in providing answers to that which is concerning you and to help you see the ways in which you can work to improve your life’s situation. Valuable information coming through from my guides and your guides will offer you a clearer understanding of the positive paths you should investigate in order to effect the changes you desire in your life.

My services include psychic intuitive consulting/readings, and rootwork and candle spells. My gifts and conjure abilities help my clients gain insight into the issues that concern them and they will walk away from their consultation with new ways of looking at their life’s circumstances and the steps to take to make their lives happier, healthier, more prosperous and abundant.

Testimonial: I called Claudia when I was really struggling with a relationship question in 2015. I immediately felt connected to her energy with our first phone call. She was very understanding and kind from the start! Claudia called me promptly at the time we had set and handled herself in an extremely professional manner throughout the entire session. I could tell Claudia was truly channeling Divine energy as she would get very excited and energetic during our reading; she TRULY cared about the information she was giving me, and she cared about helping me as well. Before our reading, I was very anxious and tense. After, I felt a great wave of relief wash over me. Her reading helped ease my mind and heart and helped me know which direction to take in my relationship. I will definitely be asking her for assistance in the future! T.G. Colorado