I Feel Blocked! Why Won’t the Insight I Need Come Through?

Over the years many of my clients have asked how they can become more in-tune, or intuitive, to guidance and answers that can come from their higher source. And most often this question is asked in conjunction with them also saying they are frustrated that they “keep asking for an answer, but nothing is coming forth” to aid them with whatever is troubling them. One of the big stumbling blocks to getting the answer we hope will come through to assist us in knowing what’s best to do in our challenging situation will often end up with us finding nothing at all will come through. Why is this?

Four New Year Resolutions to Expand Your Awareness

As we approach 2016 I thought it’d be befitting to end with some doable New Year resolution ideas that have a spiritual, metaphysical direction. For many people, the word “resolution” brings up thoughts of having to give up or stop doing something, or setting a goal that’s hard-to-reach, but these ideas aren’t like that at all. I do hope the following are of interest to you or help jog your thoughts to other creative, interesting resolution ideas you’d like to try in order to improve any aspect of your life. Make it pleasing, enjoyable and/or fun, and you’re sure to reap the positive energy from maintaining that mindset, too.

Technique to Awaken Extrasensory Perception in the Third Eye

I want to share a technique that will help to open up your Third Eye. But be clear that for most all of us practice and effort put towards our goal of activating this 6th chakra center will be necessary. The nature of the interpretive aspects of this ability means experience helps improve its capabilities and accuracy. Sincere seekers who follow the path of Taoism, Buddhism or Hinduism, as example, are taught to be very patient as it will usually take some time to refine this ability with perceiving the extra information emanating from their Third Eye.

So, as it has been mentioned, opening and refining this perceptive channel can be a slow process to master. Just like the more one practices their physical exercise routine to strengthen their muscles and keep themselves limber, the stronger and more agile they become. The same holds true when learning any new technique, including this one. Dedicated practice is what it’s all about.

The “Third Eye”- Chakra for Extrasensory Perception

Many people want to know how to “open” or activate their 6th chakra (the Ajna), which is also referred to as the “Third Eye.” In the chakra system, the Third Eye is associated with the color indigo or purple and is often referred to as the avenue to wisdom. The Third Eye – the spiritual eye, the psychic chakra, the chakra of “seeing,” the gateway to higher consciousness – is located in the middle of the forehead, a little above and between the eyebrows.This chakra is associated with clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, visions, and precognition.

Four Common Myths about Psychic Consultants

As I’ve shared in previous columns, there are a number of different abilities and skills that a professional psychic consultant may be gifted with. Some of my fellow practitioners may have one or two ways in which they are able to perceive information about their client, while others of us may have a number of abilities that will be utilized during a client’s reading.

Psychic Frauds – Don’t Fall into Their Trap

I want to talk about how to recognize psychic frauds. This is an important topic to cover because I have had contact with many people who have been taken advantage of by people claiming to be a “psychic.” And recently, a new client shared with me that they’d been a victim of one of these degenerate individuals, so I want to give you some red-flags to watch out for so you don’t find yourself in a similar situation.

What are Spirit Guides?

I believe we all have Spirit Guides with positive, loving intentions who are willing to work with us as long as we are accepting of the idea and allow ourselves to be open to connect with them. Not only do I have a personal connection with mine, but my guides along with my clients’ guides also assist me and are present when I am providing a psychic reading. I “see,” “hear,” or “sense” information from them during a client’s reading.

Psi Sensing: A Technique to Strengthen Your ESP

I’ve written about ESP, feelings, and intuition in past articles, and this month I thought I’d pass along a portion of an effective and fun technique that my students utilize in greater depth in my Psychic Development Class.

As I’ve written before, we all have intuitive abilities from one extent to another. If nothing else, most everyone can relate to the “little voice in my head,” or “I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach” or “I had a hunch” feelings that come over us from time to time, helping to give us direction and guidance in how to handle or deal with a certain situation. Many people believe that the little voice, hunch, or gut feeling is clear direction from their higher source (God, Goddess or whatever you personally relate to). And I, too, believe this to be true.

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