Four New Year Resolutions to Expand Your Awareness

The following is a reprint of the monthly column I write for the Ute Country News, Divide, Colorado.

Original publish date: December, 2015

As we approach 2016 I thought it’d be befitting to end with some doable New Year resolution ideas that have a spiritual, metaphysical direction. For many people, the word “resolution” brings up thoughts of having to give up or stop doing something, or setting a goal that’s hard-to-reach, but these ideas aren’t like that at all. I do hope the following are of interest to you or help jog your thoughts to other creative, interesting resolution ideas you’d like to try in order to improve any aspect of your life. Make it pleasing, enjoyable and/or fun, and you’re sure to reap the positive energy from maintaining that mindset, too.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve creativity, and bring about a calmer daily demeanor, just to name a few possible benefits. For many, the time spent meditating can set their spirit free, and with deeper concentration and practice many are able to enter the infinite inner realms of their soul. Find a place where it’s quiet and you won’t be disturbed. Sit in an upright but relaxed posture. Then close your eyes and focus on the inner silence within while being mindful of the in-and-out of your breathing, if even for only 5 minutes each day if that’s all you can handle. These simple steps can often be enough to help you unwind, calm down and become more aware of all that is around you.

There are different meditation techniques that can be practiced, but if you’re just starting out I would suggest you start out with the simple method mentioned above.

Learn to Induce Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming can be a most extraordinary experience; being consciously aware within your dream is something worth learning to master and can bring us great rewards. Ultimately, you are able to experience a higher awareness such as: consciously interacting with whatever is transpiring during your dream; gaining a deeper understanding of an issue concerning you; making the dream go in the direction you wish it to go; doing things you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do in waking-life; even performing actions such as levitating or flying bodily through the air. There are many practical benefits that can be gained, and for many lucid dreaming is the method used to connect and confirm that their identity as an eternal soul is merely inhabiting a temporary human body.

Briefly, concerted effort, mindfulness of the desire to have lucid dreaming, the ability to control your thoughts, and practice and patience are definitely necessary. One of the ways to help reinforce in your brain that you do want to have lucid dreaming ability is to repeat a phrase such as “I am going to have a lucid dream tonight,” or “I will be totally aware I am dreaming tonight.” Repeat your phrase over and over during the day and also as you are drifting off to sleep. Combine this with the knowledge that you WILL have a lucid dream. Belief and affirmation play a huge part.

There is a lot more to learn on this subject in order to become proficient than I can include here. With research you’ll find many great resources to help guide your way.

Take Time to Slow Down & Smell the Roses

Are you practicing mindfulness of all that is around you? Do you take time each day, or at various times during the day, to just slow down everything within yourself if even for a few minutes and tune out the external and internal interferences bombarding us all the time? Do you relish the beauty, or joy, or peace, or whatever lovely and calming feelings and thoughts you can have? Do you try to bring an awareness and thankfulness into yourself of just how awesome things are in your life and surroundings? Things such as: where you live; the view out your window; the sound of birds chirping; the beauty of the petals on a flower; the aroma of a wonderful baked good; the smile on a little child’s face; your pet giving you unconditional love and affection; the fact you are healthy, or can walk with both legs, or see clearly with your eyes, or have a sharp mind? There are so many things we take for granted in our life that another person may not have in theirs, such as they are battling an illness, or are homeless, or live in a country where war is waging all around them. Don’t overlook the seemingly simplest of blessings that fill your life to be appreciative of.

You get the drift – the thing or things that you can take a few minutes to focus on with clear attention, and pure appreciation and thankfulness can go miles in helping to bring greater contentment and ultimately greater awareness of all that goes on around you. Do also include conscious awareness of slowing down your breath; it’ll be an added plus.

There is a lot of online information, videos, and of course there are a multitude of good books on each of the above subjects that you can make use of to delve deeper.
In parting, let me share this paraphrase from the Holy Bible: “Where were you while the morning stars sang together, and all the angels shouted for joy?” (Job 38:7)

And finally …

If there is nothing else you decide to do to help improve your life in 2016, do please just stop, slow down, and bask in the beauty of all that God, Goddess, Universal Creator, or whatever term you use for that which is greater than all we can imagine, is placing right in front of you each day for your utmost joy.

I wish you and your family a blessed, healthy, joyful and most abundant holiday season and New Year!

See you next month!
With love, light & blessings,

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