Spell Casting in the Hoodoo Rootwork Tradition

Though much more involved than a psychic reading/consultation, there are many clients who request my services for traditional hoodoo spell casting. These clients wish to influence the energy around them in order to bring about a positive change in their life or the life of another — prosperity, health, business, love, or wisdom, as examples; to ask for blessing for themselves or another; or to attempt to influence the will of another to positively impact their life.

I follow hoodoo (aka rootwork or conjure) traditions. Thus roots, herbs, and minerals, along with petition papers and prayers, and candle burning will come into play in one fashion or another. I am also a certified graduate of Catherine Yronwood’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course.

This is very specialized spell work, and I will discuss with my client a few options on how the work can best be performed and the price that will be charged. Spell casting requires seriousness, clear focus of intent and commitment on the part of the worker. Please contact me to arrange a time for us to discuss your concerns and how I might be able to be of service to you.

My hoodoo rootwork and candle spell work are handled in three ways:

  • I perform all the work; or
  • My client and I are both involved in various aspects of the work being performed; or
  • I counsel and coach the client so they can do the spell work themselves.

Because my professional boundaries, I do not offer services for negative hoodoo spell casting, such as revenge, jinxing and break-up spells; nor work for love reconciliations and certain court case matters.

Note: I cannot guarantee that I will accept a client’s case in every circumstance. Please respect my integrity that I will only take on a request if all conditions to proceed appear favorable to me. Thank you.

I do offer candle work (setting of spiritual lights) which is less involved in the work needed to be performed and might be exactly what you are looking for in spell work.

If you are in need of quality spiritual supplies (oils, powders, sachets, baths and washes, herbs, roots, etc.) I can direct you to highly respected and authentic spiritual product suppliers that I personally use myself.

How Will I Know If the Spell is Working? And How Soon Should I See Results?

In dealing with hoodoo rootwork spell casting energy, we must often be much more aware of subtleties or signs manifesting around us, in order to determine if indeed the spell is working. Of course, many times the desired outcome happens rather quickly, so there is no question as to whether or not the spell worked!

With simple spells, you should normally see evidence it is working quite soon after the work has been performed, normally within a week at most. However, especially with spells that are a little more complicated regarding various requirements or demands that are desired to come into effect, my own experience has truly been to look for confirmation that will usually comes in “threes”.

I instruct my clients to think of it this way:
After the spell has been completed, wait three days for some sort of confirmation or sign; if things were moving in a positive direction, then in three weeks you ought to be feeling as if there is positive movement towards the result(s) desired. Then, if everything still appears positive (promising signs and/or change is being made), then it will be about three months, or even longer, for the desired results to fully manifest.

As I often tell my clients, “Patience is a Virtue.” We are talking about spell work here, not something that can be nailed on the head as being exact with definite parameters and time frames.

Please contact me now and let’s talk about what’s troubling you and how I can best assist you.