I Feel Blocked! Why Won’t the Insight I Need Come Through?

The following is a reprint of the monthly column I write for the Ute Country News, Divide, Colorado.

Original publish date: February, 2016

Over the years many of my clients have asked how they can become more in-tune, or intuitive, to guidance and answers that can come from their higher source – God/Goddess, the Universe, or one’s Spirit Guide. And most often this question is asked in conjunction with them also saying they are frustrated that they “keep asking for an answer, but nothing is coming forth” to aid them with whatever is troubling them at the time.

I learned early on during my psychic development training that one of the big stumbling blocks to getting the answer we hope will come through to assist us in knowing what’s best to do in our challenging situation will often end up with us finding nothing at all will come through. Why is this?

Here’s one major reason: It’s really not the best idea to ask for guidance when you’re in the throes of dealing with that confusing situation or in a time of crisis. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get an intuitive message (perhaps you will get wonderful insight into how you should proceed), but just be aware you might not receive even a hint of what to do next. Frustrating … of course!

While this doesn’t mean that the help “from above” isn’t there for you at such times (you really are connected at all times), think about this: it does take two to have a conversation. But quite often when you’re in a worried state it’s pretty hard to hear from Spirit. You’re likely not very reachable (receptive) at that time. And here’s the reason why – your vibrational state is too low.

Your Vibrational State is Very Important in Order to Tune in to Spirit

Your vibrational state is often the missing piece in how you can or can’t connect to your intuition. So, what exactly do I mean by saying “your vibrational state?” It’s the sum of your emotional state, combined with the thoughts you’re habitually having and the thought patterns you’re running – negative or positive. It’s the energy you emit as you go through life. Your vibration can be positive – you’re relaxed or happy, “in a great mood,” as examples. Or on the flip-side you could be emitting negative vibes, such as when you’re angry, or irritated with someone, or “having a bad day,” or in a crisis.

Here’s a simple diagram of the basic low-to-high emotional levels:








So, it really does make sense that if you’re putting out negative vibrations, it will probably be more difficult to connect with your Spirit Guide(s) and/or Higher Self in order to receive guidance.

I was taught and have experienced it to be quite true that it’s more optimal for us to be at least a #4 on the emotional scale to receive intuitive information; however, the best place to be to receive guidance is #5 or #6 onwards (and the higher the better) because then we’re closer to Spirit. And it is true – answers and insight will likely come through when we’re vibrating higher. We’re more open, more receptive, and there’s less blockages within us that can put the kibosh on getting the answers and “what do I do?” help we’re asking for.

This can certainly be very frustrating to read, as you may be thinking that we should be able to receive guidance more easily when we so desperately need it, such as when we’re in a state of deep worry, or depression, or grief. Certainly it would be wonderful if it worked like that, but it quite often doesn’t, and this is a frustrating aspect (for sure!) of intuitive development that can leave us feeling alone and neglected by higher guidance. How discouraging it can be when we think we’ve lost even a smidgen of spiritual connection. But at our deepest core that just isn’t true and here’s a few ways to deal with a temporary connection-blockage, no matter where you might be registering on the emotional level scale.

  • First – have faith you are being heard!
  • Keep your thoughts on a positive level that you WILL get the answer.
  • Ask to be able to sense the higher guidance that wants to come through.
  • Try asking for a sign that you will be able to understand the meaning of (sometimes answers and assistance come this way too, versus hearing).
  • Don’t put a time constraint on when the answer should come; yes, sometimes patience is very necessary.
  • Don’t expect a dramatic way in which the message may come through. It may come as a gentle inner voice or a sense of an inner assuredness on how to proceed.
  • Be open to the fact that the answer may not directly apply to what you’re wanting help with. Sometimes there’s another, yet more important, part to the puzzle you’re oblivious to and without dealing with that you’ll never get to where you can receive that next piece of guidance from above.

To ease the pain or frustration of the times you feel disjointed with your higher self and feel blocked from tapping into your intuition, try to consider the times when you are out of sync to be an initiation of sorts, and an initiation that is necessary for taking you even higher in your intuitive development. If you can approach it in this manner, think how much more uplifting it can be. You may not understand any of the whys at the time, but have faith there’s a bigger reason and that one day you will see the meaning behind it all.

No matter what, do believe you are being heard and at the very right time your answer WILL come. Be open to receive it in whatever way that may be – remain non-judgmental, optimistic, and ready.

See you next month!
With love, light & blessings,

Claudia Brownlie is a Woodland Park, Colorado-based Professional Psychic Intuitive Consultant and certified Life Coach, serving clients locally and world-wide. Telephone and Skype video chat appointments are available. Claudia also provides classes and lectures, and offers psychic reading services tailored for corporate events and private parties. For more information please call her international office number: (505) 819-3309.