Personal Psychic Intuitive Consultations

Claudia uses her psychic intuitive gifts and talents to assist clients in whatever area of their personal or professional life that is troubling them or posing a challenge to their happiness and well-being.

Do you...

  • Desire more prosperity, better health, more love, or spiritual growth in your life?
  • Need insight in the area of love and romance?
  • Want to gain a clearer understanding of issues that are troubling you?
  • Need insight on a career move?
  • Need insight on how to enhance healing in your body?
  • Have confusion, doubt or road-blocks regarding other personal or professional decisions?

Claudia is here to use her psychic gifts to assist you!

For over 30 years, Claudia has been assisting clients in all areas of their life. Using her God-given gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and mediumship she finds great joy utilizing these abilities to assist others. Learn more about Claudia here.

How Does It Work?

You will be receiving very unique and personalized attention. Claudia and her spirit guides will be working together to provide you with great insight and clarity pertaining to the situation(s) that are concerning you. Claudia strives to provide each client with high-integrity, high-quality and heart-felt service before and during their psychic consultation.

• In-Person, Telephone, or Video-Chat •

Claudia has been blessed with the psychic gifts and talents of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. This means that she has the ability to “see,” “hear,” and "feel" information on your behalf. There is no one special way that her gifts manifest during a psychic reading. Sometimes she may have stronger psychic visions; other times she may hear or feel information more strongly - but normally all three qualities come into effect during a reading.

~ Discrete and Private ~

Claudia makes no value judgments about what may come forth during a reading. All information during a private session will be held in total confidentiality. Your privacy is assured. Claudia prides herself on being ethical, honest and caring for every client she works with.

Receive Answers & Guidance For Your Most Pressing Questions

In addition to the typical questions of love, career, health, and business concerns — any and all questions can be addressed. Present and future situations can be discussed.

Scheduling & Pricing

While blessed with a busy schedule, Claudia does her best to accommodate all psychic reading consultation requests as soon as is possible.

**Please click here to schedule an appointment or if you have questions. If your request is urgent please state that in your communication.

Once your request has been received, you will receive a response via email or phone. All effort will be made to address urgent appointment requests, but please understand that an opening may not be immediately available.

  • 45-minute telephone or video chat session: $125.00 USD
  • 20-minute Mini-Reading - telephone only: $70.00 USD
Payment Options:

Cash, money orders, credit cards, or via PayPal* invoice. Personal checks will not be accepted

New clients must prepay. Repeat clients in good standing can pay at the time of their session.

Note: You do not need to set-up an account with PayPal in order to make an online payment. They do accept one-time payments. There is no extra charge for you to use PayPal

Please review the Refund and Cancellation Policy carefully.

What Can I Expect?

It is not uncommon for a client’s spirit guides or deceased relatives to assist me during a reading if it is appropriate for the client. I always make sure that my client is comfortable with the spirit(s) that wish to come through, and I only accept positive energies. This loving help from the other side has always proved to be a heart-warming and valuable experience for my clients.

No matter how the information comes through Claudia will communicate it to you in a clear and very detailed way.

When you receive a psychic reading from Claudia, please understand that the information that comes through for you may provide "instant" clarification … while sometimes the information is for future situations; thus, there may be instances where you will need to ponder and consider the meaning of what comes through for you.

However, though clients do receive very insightful and valuable information that can be put to use right away, or brings clarity to issues currently at hand during their consultations, it is important to remember that "patience is a virtue" in work of this nature. During your reading you will very likely receive information that is also for future events. How exciting! Present and future guidance, and often information pertaining to past events, if it is of value to your particular situation, can all be part of your unique psychic consultation.

Many times clients will say they just can’t quite understand a certain piece of information, only to reveal a few days, weeks or even a month or two later that everything that came through was spot-on. However, most often the information that comes through makes immediate sense and clients understand right away the messages that are coming through for them.

Additional Services

Claudia offers additional services to supplement your personal psychic consultations. These include The Cards of Destiny, Rune Casting Divination, Hoodoo and Candle Spell Work, Psychometry and Psychic Mediumship. Please visit the "Additional Services" page for more details.

Small Group Psychic Reading Consultations

Would you like to have a small gathering at your home? Private readings can be provided for each person on a 10, 20, or 30-minute basis, depending on the number of people and time frame you desire. Details and particulars must be discussed before a pricing quote can be provided.

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