Thank you so very much for your interest in scheduling a private psychic intuitive reading with me.

While I am blessed with a busy schedule, I do my best to accommodate all psychic reading consultation requests as soon as is possible.

Consultations are provided via telephone, or Skype video or Google Video.

**Please contact me to schedule an appointment or if you have questions. If your request is urgent please state that in your communication.

I will respond to you via email or phone. While I do my utmost to accommodate urgent appointment requests, you must understand that I have prior engagements too; thus, at times my schedule might not have an opening for you immediately.

Private Psychic Reading Consultations:

  • 45-minute telephone or video chat session: $125.00 USD
  • 20-minute Mini-Reading – telephone only: $70.00 USD

Small Group Psychic Reading Consultations:

This option is if you would like to have a small gathering at your home. Private readings can be provided for each person on a 10, 20, or 30-minute basis, depending on the number of people and time frame you desire. I must discuss all the particulars with you before I will give you a firm price. This is a quotation only option. 

Corporate Events Seeking “Psychic Entertainment” for Their Guests:

I have provided psychic readings at private parties that have high attendance rates and with all sorts of party themes. I’ve been hired by large corporations, non-profit organizations, auction houses, television stations, and many others to help bring a little fun to their party. I work non-stop throughout the party in order to give a mini-reading to as many of the guests as possible. I must discuss all the particulars with you before I will give you a firm price. This is a quotation only option. 

I Do Not Use a Cookie-Cutter Approach for My Psychic Readings

You will be receiving very unique and personalized attention from me. My spirit guides and I will be working together to provide you with great insight and clarity pertaining to the situation(s) that are concerning you. I strive to provide each client with high-integrity, high-quality and heart-felt service before and during their psychic consultation.

When you receive a psychic reading from me, please understand that the information that comes through for you may provide “instant” clarification … while sometimes the information is for future situations; thus, there may be instances where you will need to ponder and consider the meaning of what comes through for you.

However, though my clients do receive very insightful and valuable information that can be put to use right away, or brings clarity to issues currently at hand during their consultations, it is important to remember that “patience is a virtue” in work of this nature. During your reading you will very likely receive information that is also for future events. How exciting! Present and future guidance, and often information pertaining to past events, if it is of value to your particular situation, can all be part of your unique psychic consultation.

Have A Question? Please Contact Me.