Candle Burning for Your Intention ~ Setting of Spiritual Lights

Because many of my clients are not comfortable or unable to do spell work in their home due to privacy issues (such as you don’t want anyone to know about it), or for safety or other concerns, then let me do the preparation work for you.

As is traditional in work of this nature, I use glass encased candles that I dress (anoint) with special conjure oils and herbs that are specific to the type of spell being cast. I prepare your petition paper in traditional conjure style. (Please read and learn how to write an effective petition request.) The petition paper and your photo (if submitted) are attached to the candle. Then I will pray over your candle on your behalf, using prayers well suited to the concern and my powerful ability of intention.

Glass encased candles come in various colors and are available without or with labels that are specific for the work being done. Called “7 day candles,” they usually only burn for 5 days.

The price per candle setting spell is $28.00

Included with this service is an email “candle burn” report that will provide you with my interpretation of the candle’s actual burn – this includes how the flame behaved – along with a starting and ending photo of the candle and added information I will provide from any psychic intuitive “hits” I received regarding the spell.

The types of situations I will perform candle setting spells for are:

Attraction “Come to Me” Candle Spell Setting of Lights:

An Attraction “Come to Me” Candle is used when you want to draw in: love, an increased flow of money, more luck, more business clients, or any other thing or situation you want to attract into your life. Let my conjure skills and power of intention work on your behalf to encourage the attraction you desire.

Blessing Candle Spell Setting of Lights:

A Blessing Candle is used to call upon God’s/Goddess’s blessings for many situations. This is a powerful spell that I will cast for your healing, to bring blessings into your home or that of a loved one, to bring about blessings, peace and joy within your family, or to invoke divine energy to come about you for a specific situation. My deep desire is for all of us to have continual blessings in our lives, so rest assured I put my power of intention and conjure abilities to work for you.

Healing Candle Spell Setting of Lights:

A Healing Candle is a great enhancement to whatever it is you are currently doing to bring about healing in yourself or a loved one. This candle spell is used when you want to petition for more healing energy. Whether the energy is to target recovery from an injury, illness, or for a pre or post-surgery situation, I employ the powers of traditional candle spellcasting to assist you.

Let It Go! Clear It Away Candle Spell Setting of Lights:

A Let It Go! Clear It Away Candle is used when you want to let go of and cut away lingering, bothersome emotional feelings or attachments you may still have as a result from a past relationship. It might be you’re struggling with not being able to get over a break up, or perhaps you have some resentment or bitterness from a bad relationship. This is a type of “cut and clear” conjure spell that can be oh-so effective to help bring about the changes needed so you can get into a much better frame of mind. Many report they feel “refreshed” when this spell works as planned.

Stop Gossip Spell: Information and pricing for this conjure spell service is found here.

Wisdom & Discernment Candle Spell Setting of Lights:

Do you need keen insight and perceptiveness in matters pertaining to business, a personal relationship, financial situations or the like? Well, a Wisdom & Discernment Candle is used to do exactly that. Whether you haven’t been feeling like you’re on top of your game right now in business or financial matters, are confused on how to handle a personal situation or just about anything else where wisdom and discernment is required, then this candle spell can bring about an excellent “mental boost” for you. Many clients report that the decision-making fuzziness and “should I, shouldn’t I” chatter subsides and soon decisions can be made where they feel much clearer and confident in how to proceed forward.

Candle Spell Setting in “Runs”:

This service is when you really want to amp up the power and really get the energy and intention flowing for longer than the duration of one candle burn. This is also known in some circles as a “sequential burn.”

Runs are available in a minimum of 3. For greatly increasing the odds of success of an intention, many clients believe in having me do their candle spell in runs of (the lucky numbers) 7 or 13. However, you may designate the run in the number that resonates best with you, as long as it is more than the required minimum of 3.

For this service, all the candles are dressed and prayed over as a group at the same time. When one candle’s flame goes out, I will immediately light another candle, and affix your petition paper and photo to the new candle. You will received your “candle burn” report after the last candle in the run expires.

Special pricing for Runs (for the same spell): The first candle is $28.00. All other candles in the run are discounted 20% = $22.50 each. Thus, a 3 candle run would be $73.00.

Pre-Ordering a Candle Spell Setting of Lights for an Upcoming Special Event:

Have a special event in the near future, such as a new job interview, a court date, a surgical procedure, or a birthday? Well, let me know in advance and I will hold your order until that special date arrives.

If you have something special coming up in your, or a loved one’s life, that you’d like to have a candle spell working on, then please let me know this in the order comment section and I will not light the candle until approximately 12 hours before the day (and time if you advise me) of the actual event. At that time, I will then prepare your petition paper, and dress and pray over your candle. It is preferable to light a client’s candle a bit before the event, in order to make sure it is burning nicely.