Oh dear…is someone spreading wrongful, hurtful, or slanderous lies about you?

“That Suzy thinks she’s soooo perfect! Did you know she’s broken up two relationships because she loves getting every man she can get her hands on? I heard from a friend of mine who heard it from someone else that Suzy will do anything to get attention. Yeah, she says she’s happily married but I heard she isn’t faithful. Bla-bla-bla …”

Well, let me perform a traditional form of conjure spell casting on your behalf when you cannot do it yourself or if you’re concerned your power of intention isn’t strong enough. Whether it’s a loved one, friend, co-worker, boss or some other person speaking mean things about you, this spell casting service is an affordable way to encourage the mean spirited person to stop!

This is not a hurtful nor revenge-type of spell (I do not provide negative or destructive types of spell casting services). It causes no harm to them nor sends them negative energy. Rather, it is a way to “bind up” the words of the offending individual. The hoped-for outcome is that you will soon notice that they stop gossiping about you! Wouldn’t that be a relief? Yes it would!

I’ve effectively used this spell many times for clients and family members, including myself a time or two. Based on your petition and the situation at hand, I utilize the appropriate object to encase the spell, along with powerful herbs and oils to cast the Stop Gossip! spell. Then, I pray over it based on your petition, and then I store it away in a special place reserved only for conjure work of this type.

Pricing is between $40.00 and $65.00. The situation at hand and the spell casting method I decide is best to utilize will determine the price for your personalized Stop Gossip! spell.

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