Technique to Awaken Extrasensory Perception in the Third Eye

The following is a reprint of the monthly column I write for the Ute Country News, Divide, Colorado.

Original publish date: October, 2015

In last month’s article I provided an overview of the “Third Eye” which is a common name used for the 6th chakra. This is the chakra associated with the gateway to higher consciousness and is located in the middle of the forehead, a little above and between the eyebrows. Visions, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, and precognition are associated with this chakra.

“When we talk of ‘exploring the mystical,’ we are not trying to dig into creation, because if you dig into creation, it will only get more complex. It will not bring clarity; it will only bring more complexity. That is why the yogis looked in a different direction. We looked inward. If you look inward, a different dimension opens up. Now instead of things getting more complex, you get to clarity. It is because of this that we say that those who look inward have a third eye. They see things that others cannot see. They have brought a new clarity to life.”  ―Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Of Mystics & Mistakes

Psychic Energy Surrounds our Bodies

This month I want to share a technique that will help to open up your Third Eye. But be clear that for most all of us practice and effort put towards our goal of activating this 6th chakra center will be necessary. The nature of the interpretive aspects of this ability means experience helps improve its capabilities and accuracy. Sincere seekers who follow the path of Taoism, Buddhism or Hinduism, as example, are taught to be very patient as it will usually take some time to refine this ability with perceiving the extra information emanating from their Third Eye.

So, as it has been mentioned, opening and refining this perceptive channel can be a slow process to master. Just like the more one practices their physical exercise routine to strengthen their muscles and keep themselves limber, the stronger and more agile they become. The same holds true when learning any new technique, including this one. Dedicated practice is what it’s all about.

In the average person, the pineal gland is atrophied (calcified) and dormant. The following visualization exercise, with sincere practice, should help to change that. If you already have little-to-no problem being a visual person (meaning if you’re asked to imagine a butterfly, you can easily see a butterfly in your mind), this exercise will help strengthen that ability. No matter what your perceptive ability may be, have faith that you will succeed in opening your 6th chakra.

An Effective Meditative Visualization Technique

Give yourself at least 10 minutes (more if possible) for each practice session. The more time you allocate, the more quickly your hoped-for outcome will manifest. Makes sense, yes?

  1. Get Comfortable & Relaxed
  2. Turn off your cell phone, get away from all other distractions, and find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lay down – whatever will be most comfortable for you. Give yourself a few minutes to feel the shift from “everyday hectic” to a more relaxed state. If the only free time you have is during your lunch hour at work, that’s fine too. Maybe go and sit in your car to have privacy and quiet, or if the weather is nice outside you can find a serene little spot where you’ll be left alone by others in order to practice this exercise.

  3. Utilize Breath for Further Relaxation
  4. With your eyes closed, take some slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do not breathe from the chest – this is not the correct way. You want to breathe from your stomach. To help get better oriented to breathing in this manner you can place your hand on your stomach so you can feel it expand in and out.

    To explain why you want to breathe from your stomach: Chest breathing is normally short and quick. Only a small portion of the lungs are used; thus, a relatively minimal amount of oxygen is delivered to the bloodstream. Chest breaths are associated with hyperventilation or when one feels out of breath. This is due to trying to take in oxygen quickly despite the low air volume from each breath. Unfortunately, most people chest-breathe without even thinking about it, as it seems to be one of those ingrained patterns we humans happen to have.

    Stomach breathing, also called belly or diaphragmatic breathing, refers to breaths that use the entire lung capacity. Diaphragm and abdominal muscles help to fully inflate the lungs. The chest expands very little, if at all, and the abdominal area expands significantly while breathing in this way. The result is that a greater amount of oxygen is delivered to the bloodstream. (As examples, people who train in the martial arts, or those into serious running, are taught and practice belly breathing for the reasons already explained.)

  5. Start the Visualization Exercise
  6. Keep your eyes closed for the entire exercise. Now that you’re relaxed and comfortably situated, visualize the number 1.  Whatever size or color of the number that comes to mind is fine. Whatever makes it easier for you to “see” or visualize that number is what you’re striving for.

    Soon, or as days of practice continue, you might start to feel a subtle tingling sensation in your Third Eye area, or somewhere in your forehead and/or between your eyebrows. Don’t get hung-up on the exact location. Just accept it and flow with it. This is a sign to you that something positive is happening. Now, this being said, I don’t want you to feel despair if you don’t sense anything, because that’s OK too.

    This is not a quick sprint race! Time, practice and patience will be the norm for most of us to develop and open our 6th chakra. Many, many people struggle when first experimenting with clairvoyant-type meditation, so take heart.

    It will get easier with practice. Yes – your mind may fight your desire to relax and focus on that number; it may wander to visions of daily tasks you need to deal with, worries on your mind, people who irritate you … the list can go on and on! It’s our ego getting in the way and it wants to be center stage. Again, all this is so very normal. This mind-chatter is what many meditators call “monkey mind.” (Just as a monkey can quickly swing from one branch to another with incredible skill our minds are very adept at bouncing rapidly from one idea to another.) If you find you’re having a tough time, continue on taking slow, deep stomach breaths and gently keep redirecting yourself back to trying to visualize the single digit number.

  7. Visualizing All Single Digit Numbers in Sequence
  8. When you become more proficient with seeing “1” for a longer period of time – a minute or more – practice seeing a 2, and then 3, and ultimately get up to the number 10. Once you are comfortable with visualizing each number by itself, move on to seeing each number slowly and clearly in a sequence – from 1 on up to 10. Obviously you will need to allocate more time to this practice as more numbers are added.

  9. Advancing Further
  10. Once you’ve mastered clear visualization of each of the numbers individually and then in a nice slow sequence, stretch your faculties farther by choosing new objects to visualize. Birds, animals, flowers, fruits, vegetables … it doesn’t matter. Make it fun for yourself. Stretch your “clear seeing” abilities. Keep flexing your ESP-muscles! If you have mastered the ability to have rather vivid visualizations with a very focused mind (meaning no mental mind chatter), then advanced methods can be undertaken to get to the deeper levels of working with the 6th chakra.

If You’re Struggling to Visualize – Try This

This works quite well: using a bold-tipped marker write down the number 1 on a piece of paper. Stare at the number for 10-30 seconds. Once you feel it’s implanted into your mind’s eye close your eyes and try to visualize it, just as if you were looking at the paper. This technique has proven to be of benefit to many people. You’ll probably soon be able to see an exact image of the paper’s size, shape and color, and the number written on it. Use this technique for all the other numbers if needed.

See you next month!
With love, light & blessings,

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